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What happens if quit smoking | Benefits of quitting smoking.

In this article, you may know what will exactly happen to your body if you quit smoking. What are the benefits of your health? How does it work? Well, keep reading this article till the end.

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what will happen to the body if quit smoking?

If you have been smoking for a short time, you may notice that quitting is even worth it. So in this article, you can see a timeline for (20minutes to 15 years) what make changes to your health.

Quitting smoking timeline.

20 minutes

Your Body's overall condition going to getting better. After 20 minutes, your pulse and blood pressure will drop down to normal. Your hands and feet warm up to their normal temperature.

8 hours

After 8 hours, nicotine and carbon monoxide in your blood become less until half. Carbon monoxide is a chemical in cigarettes, and it will make out oxygen in your blood. Cause of that your brain doesn't get enough oxygen they need. So when chemicals level going to drop then your oxygen also gets back to normal.

At this time, you may feel some cravings and doubts. But it'normal. Let it be. Because normally this craving lasts just 5 to 10 minutes. So don't be afraid. To overcome this craving, try to find out any better way to distract your mind. You may try any craving list or shipping water. Do it until the feelings are gone.

12 hours

After half a day, your carbon monoxide level becomes normal. Your body will start to clean up itself at this time. And your body's oxygen also going to increase. 

24 hours

After 1 day, the risk of heart attack will be lowered the chances. Remember that smoking always increases blood pressure, blood clots, risk of a heart attack. So one day without smoking will very helpful to your body. Your physical activity and exercise will be easier to do. 

After 2 days

Cause of smoking your nerve endings responsible for the senses of smell and taste. Two days after quitting a person may notice that sense of smell and taste much better than before. You don't have any more nicotine in your body. 

This is also the hardest time for your plan to quit smoking. You may feel anxious, dizzy, hungry or tired this time. But it's normal. Let it be. Stick to your plan, go somewhere like the non-smoking place. You can contact any helpline or an app or website that related to your plan.

After 3 days

In this time, you have more energy. Breathing will be easier than before. Your lungs will start to recover and keep getting much better.
Quitting smoking timeline
quitting smoking timeline

2 weeks to 3 months

In this time, you make so many different. Your lungs are stronger than before. Your blood flow is already improved. You can do exercise more and more without getting tired like before. And the risk of a heart attack becomes lowered. You have crossed the hardest part of quitting smoking. Even though you're still getting cravings, think of your money that you're currently saving. Or take 10  times of deep breathing. 

3 to 9 months

At this time, your breathing will be a more helpful way. Your Cough will be clear. That will help you with cold and other illness.

1 year to 5 years

After 1 year, your heart disease will half of what it was one year ago. Your chances of stroke, cancer are now the same as like non- smoker. 

10 years to 15 years

After 10 years, the chances of lung cancer will be decreased. Finally 15 years after your last cigarette, the chances of all kind of disease that related to smoking will decrease. Your body has so many recoveries itself. But after 15 years, you may feel some headache and discomfort the same as the first few weeks. But don't worry. You can get through it. Quitting smoking is the best decision for anyone. Because the rewards are very real and clear. Hope this article will help you to quit smoking. So make a plan and stick to your plan. If you have any further question, comment below. Live a healthy life. 

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